IWishIHadA… is the world’s first card-based NFT escrow game built on Solana that allows players to purchase, stake, play, collect, and swap NFTs.

We are a group of super-friends! Various veterans of marketing, branding, web tech, and influencer growth agencies. 20 and 30 year veterans of something called experience marketing. That’s where we use entertainers and situations to sell products and messaging for large faceless corporations and countries. Essentially, if people are going to buy things, they’re just looking for the right situation. And if you can know what that person needs in the situation, the story they want to tell people, you just need to create that story, that place, for them.. help them to get into that mood where they buy something or they make a choice to change in a beneficial way because that’s what they were looking for. “So that’s it.. learning about demographics and finding best ways to serve those demographics.”

We wanted to create a project that was based on our experience of finding out what people need and the experience need/want to work with influencers/creators. The technology we developed allows them to do that. So we created a platform that allows for connecting directly with your membership and to better serve them so they can engage more and so that you can engage with the memberships of other influencers on a fair and permission based way.
IWishIHadA.. empowers influencers and creators to migrate their membership to a platform that is theirs. The influencer can broadcast their notification, their creative control, their uncensoredbrand- directly to their followers. Complee creative control. total immersion for followers in your brand. Influencers gain new followers by crosspromiting and cross selling with their influencer friends. Everything is permission based marketing- this means that the followers make the choice to embrace the brand more and more. Making them loyal and active members of the brand. essentially a golden circle of customers, ambassadors, and champions for the influencers brand.
Based on our resident game designers real-world brainchild, IWishIHadA combines the fun of Poker with the strategy of BlackJack, the luck of Roulette, and mixes in fandom of your favorite Brand/Influencer/Movie and turns it into an engaging, fast-paced game. Every NFT Set in the IWishIHadA universe is unique, with distinct abilities and characteristics according to its pedigree.

this allows influencers to spread their message through sought after collectibles. Influencer make money every time the cards are sold and resold. Each time increasing their engagement and reach to new followers. This also allows influencers to better promote their current sponsors (think product placement on the cards, in the profiles, in the meta-lounge, etc.) as well as use cross promotion-cross-selling/ deal flow to gain new sponsors as well as revenue streams. This is a win-win-win.

A confederation of influencers and creators with sovereignty in their own digital brand business places. They can go to their neighbors house to borrow a cup of flour or invite the neighbors (and all of their friends) over for a game night and craft show or even to watch their home movies (think video library content you’ve already made)