Brands Doing Good during the COVID-19 Pandemic

During these uncertain and challenging times, uplifting stories offer a breath of fresh air. Brands are moving quickly to do their part in contributing to the greater good and well-being of their customers during this crisis, both locally and nationally, with the hope they can put a little more positivity into a world. In that spirit, ACTIVATE is highlighting three brands that stand out for their efforts in spreading positivity, supporting their consumers and inspiring community. We salute these brands for leveraging influencers to maximize the visibility of their efforts and hope their initiatives offer communities the support and positivity they need now more than ever.

One company using their platform for good is the domain registrar and web hosting company GoDaddy. After recently re-branding, GoDaddy is doubling down on their commitment to small businesses and launched a campaign called “Open We Stand” intended to foster community and provide resources to struggling small businesses via a COVID-19 microsite. As a part of their efforts, the company is partnering with entrepreneurial influencers to share their compelling stories and personal testimonials of adjusted business plans in the face of this pandemic. Real estate agent and influencer Eric Goldie is one of the GoDaddy partners looking to help them spread the valuable resources they have for small business owners beyond their immediate customer base. In addition to posting on Instagram, Goldie took to GoDaddy’s community forum to share tips and tricks with the real estate community such as giving more virtual property showings in light of consumers being urged to stay in their homes. His story exemplifies how an industry that thrives on in-person interactions can digitally optimize.

Another company that has shared positivity around the power of community through influencers and digital optimization is DTC subscription box company FabFitFun. FabFitFun is partnering with No Kid Hungry to provide meals for kids who may not otherwise have access to them as a result of school closures. The company is matching all member donations made during their eCommerce flash sale. FabFitFun has partnered with an astounding number of influencers over the years (10,000 and counting!) and is committed to donating $10 to the nonprofit for every box each content creator sells. In addition, the brand ungated its content library on FabFitFunTV to encourage activities that promote mental wellbeing. The videos feature fitness tutorials led by influencers like Amanda Kloots teaching her full body toning classes. We love seeing a brand provide value beyond its immediate customers to benefit the mental and physical wellness of the wider community.

You may have heard about the third brand we’re highlighting “doing good” on E! News or The Zoe Report. HIKI, backed by brand incubator arfa, is a personal care line with products focused on sweat-related needs that are developed from real consumer feedback. Incredibly, rather than postpone its March 17th launch, the brand is giving products away for the cost of shipping in exchange for compassionate social posts using the hashtag #TodayImFeeling. They have reduced the cost of shipping for medical professionals and personnel to $2.50. HIKI is inviting influencers to spread this initiative and, creatively, aren’t requiring product imagery integration but instead are simply encouraging shared messages of honesty and kindness. HIKI will also be partnering with influencers that work in the medical field to spread awareness and thank the community on the front lines of the pandemic.

We’re thankful for the companies supporting vital communities and for the influencers they’re partnering with who are using their platforms to spread goodwill. We hope these examples of companies adapting their marketing strategies to fit this uncertain climate provide some inspiration to your day, perhaps resulting in actions that reflect out from your sphere of influence to others. In times like these, we can all use a little good news.

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