I wish I had a 24/7 Gamified Influencer Marketing Convention Center

The way you make new friends,,, is you go to your friends party,,,, imagine if your friend had a convention, a 24/7 party in 27 different languages,,,, how many new friends could you make

Gain Subscribers

The way you make new friends, is you go to a friend’s party ,,,.. imagine if your friend had a convention ,,,,,.. a 24/7 – 356 global party with your content translated into 27 different languages .. how many new friends could you make

Engage Subscribers

Schedule tournaments with live broadcast software built in. You moderate and cheer on your followers. You bring your champions.. Other influencers bring theirs. Cross-pollinate memberships and product placements, branded events, and sponsorships.


The reason behind growth and engagement of your subscribers at some point has to be monetization. We provide Multiple Monetization options including NFT playing cards, customized with your branding, in game. Along with in game product placements, merch storefront in game, and 10 other options.

“The ongoing royalties! That’s the big draw for artists”

Top Blockchain influencer – Adryenn Ashley

“Owning your own data has been a major cry for me for a long long time!” Celebrity, & influencer Brand Asset Manager –
Brenda Robinson

“First and foremost, influencers are good at influencing their following. They all seem to have an area of excellence that they share, and they really enjoy sharing. We also noticed that one thing they are not overall so good at is growing that audience.

We thought what was needed was automated processes, with digital products that are available online 24/7. And this marketplace should be available Globally (like 27 different languages). And what drives audience growth better than some sort of competition, with a tournament, and stuff followers win in these competitions.

So we spent months looking for a platform, that we and our growing list of influencer marketers, could use, and we found exactly ZERO platforms that would even come close to what we thought we needed.

So we built it” Michael Noel CBP – Metaverse Architect

Performers Resource has been providing Global Event Services for Decades. As events move to a more digital enviroment, event services need to also move to a more digital enviroment. Customer Experience has to lead the way.

Providing Engagement in this new enviroment is the critical inch. This solves that big problem quite nicely.

John Watkins – Performers Resource CEO

I wish I Had A

Permanent 24/7 Booth-

Brand clubhouse channel

Digital real estate that is yours. Meet and greet, message, inspire, engage, and collect you followers. No throttling. 100% access: it belongs to you.

I wish I Had A

Merch Marketplace-

Profit making center

All of your merch, affiliate marketing, charities, courses, tickets, and offers are actively available to all of your followers… and all of their followers and all of their followers and all of their followers and all of their followers..

I wish I Had A

Creative Control –

Your own king/queendom

Complete sovereignty within your 24/7 booth.

No bans, no censors,

and no bs.

No threats, no prostitution, no hate

and the rest is up to you.

I wish I Had A

Your own Collectible Card

Followers get you followers

You issue a series promoting your brand using our easy wizard, We mint them, together we market and sell them, Your followers collect them-show them off-spread them through playing in tournaments centered around your brand.

I wish I Had A

Cross promotion

Cross promotion and tournaments

I wish I Had A

Sponsorship, deal flow

Behind the curtain, there is a room

Influencers only side where networking, sourcing, deal-making, sponsor bids, skill courses, vendor commissioning, RFP, and deal flow happen.

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