NEW: ACTIVATE Agency Experience introduces Multi-Brand Management and Client Dashboard Capabilities

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We’re excited to announce the launch of ACTIVATE’s Agency Experience. This new experience will introduce the ability to segment influencer marketing programs by brand as well as provide agency clients with access to unique dashboards.

Client Dashboard on ACTIVATE

As an agency, you have the ability to tap into ACTIVATE’s influencer community of 46,000+ opted-in creators that includes a diverse group of talent from niche micro creators to macro-celebrity tier. We also have a separate portal for Talent Managers where they can oversee their rosters of top-tier talent in the ACTIVATE dashboard. Beyond the opted-in network, you can widen your search by utilizing our external network of 5MM+ Instagram influencers and easily invite these creators to be a part of your network on ACTIVATE.

Client Portal on ACTIVATE

Another way for agencies and their clients to discover creators is through our Social Mentions tool. We added a layer of social listening to the Agency and Client Portal experience through Social Mentions. By connecting their Instagram account, brands and their agency partners can view anytime someone tags or mentions them in a post. This feature includes creators on and off the ACTIVATE platform. You also have the ability to track up to 30 hashtags per month, this gives you the ability to pull in all content from long-term brand ambassadors, competitors, etc.

Agencies can also store data points that are relevant for each brand using our Influencer Relationship Management tool. Whether it’s shoe size for a footwear brand or dietary restriction for a food company, agencies can customize these searchable data points.

The fully white-labeled Client Portal experience will allow brand managers to provide interactive feedback throughout the campaign workflow. The Client Portal is especially useful early on in the campaign execution process, as our interactive Casting Deck functionality allows you to share commentary on talent selections and qualify influencers as approved, rejected or an alternate option.

Branded Casting Decks on ACTIVATE

Agencies will have the ability to share content drafts with their clients through the Client Portal. Once influencers upload their draft via ACTIVATE, the campaign manager will be able to review, approve and share with the client. The client will be able to view drafts on a collaboration by collaboration basis. By selecting the collaboration, all approved drafts are visible for the client’s approval. The client is able to approve, deny, leave comments and download the drafts directly from ACTIVATE. Campaign managers serve as the middleman between influencers and the brand, so drafts, feedback, revisions, etc. will not be shared with either party without their approval.

Example Draft Submission
Example WRAP Report in Client Portal

Once a program is complete, you can create customizable WRAP reports at the end of a program that will automatically pull in all content and analytics. Campaign managers can share these reports in the portal so their clients can view all live posts with real time metrics updated hourly directly from the Social Platforms’ API.

We hope that this feature provides our agency partners with a more efficiencies while working on all aspects of their influencer marketing programs via ACTIVATE.

For more information on this feature or to learn more about ACTIVATE, please email or go to

ACTIVATE is an end-to-end influencer marketing platform, covering influencer discovery, program workflow, measurement, and analytics. The platform consists of an opt-in network of 46K+ vetted and authenticated influencers. Pinpoint niche groups by leveraging our geo-targeting and micro-survey capabilities or dive in deep with our curated networks of creators. Notably, the networks span a diverse variety of influencers including ‘vegan foodies’, ‘outdoor enthusiasts’ , ‘bohemian stylistas’ (and more!). Need a hand? Leverage ACTIVATE Studio, our in-house team of influencer strategists to build out and execute custom influencer initiatives.

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