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ACTIVATE, the end-to-end influencer marketing platform, recently launched a Talent Management tool, providing Talent Managers with more control and convenience while managing clients through the campaign lifecycle. Talent Managers are able to better organize, update and pitch client profiles, as well as increase visibility to their wider talent network. With access to key platform tools such as Casting Decks and Influencer Relationship Management (IRM), Talent Managers are equipped to coordinate campaigns from start to finish across categories like Fashion, Beauty, CPG, Travel, Healthcare and beyond.

“As purveyors of premium talent with relevance both online and offline, we’re thrilled to partner with ACTIVATE to better quantify and present the digital influence of our talent network,” said Erin Cutler, Founder, Neon Rose Agency. “Leveraging technology such as ACTIVATE’s new Talent Management tool enables us to facilitate meaningful digital partnerships more efficiently.”

“Scaling our digital influencers’ business is always top of mind. It seems every day we are searching for a more efficient way to pitch, manage, negotiate, and communicate because every brand partnership is an opportunity for something greater,” said Rich Inman, Head of Business Development, God & Beauty. “We’re thrilled to have a tool that allows us to manage key elements of a partnership all in one place, enabling us to save time and connect our clients with truly aligned brands.”

“Talent Managers are a staple of the influencer business, an invaluable liaison between influencers and brands, and yet, they’ve been widely underserved by the industry’s current product offerings,” says Nicholas Vincent DiSanto, CEO of ACTIVATE. “Through technology, we want to empower managers to spend more time on the work that counts.”

“People are at the heart of our business, and we do our best work when we have a deep knowledge of each influencer — what they’re passionate about, where they are in their lives — and these new tools help make that information accessible from Talent Managers to brands,” says Lauren McGrath, VP Studio & Strategy at ACTIVATE. “We’re always trying to find ways to bring out the person behind the profile, and this tool will help do that in an easier way.”

Talent Manager Tool: Track performance, manage influencer profiles, and monetize rosters seamlessly and at scale

Talent Manager Collaborations Dashboard on ACTIVATE
Casting Decks on ACTIVATE

Casting Decks: Customize shareable Casting Decks to feature individual or multiple talent to pitch brands both on the ACTIVATE platform and beyond

Influencer Relationship Management (IRM): IRM enables managers to track all of their influencers in one dashboard, and privately add information about their roster, such as:

  • Influencer milestones: birthdays and key life moments
  • Logistical details: addresses and relevant travel plans
  • Personal details: sizing information and favorite products
  • Attachment storage for custom contracts or briefs
  • Historical performance and conversion data

Branded Talent Roster Page: Customizable Talent Roster profiles allow brands and agencies to discover and engage with multiple talent within their network

Example Branded Roster on ACTIVATE

For more information on this feature or to learn more about ACTIVATE, please email or go to

ACTIVATE is an end-to-end influencer marketing platform, covering influencer discovery, program workflow, measurement, and analytics. The platform consists of an opt-in network of 46K+ vetted and authenticated influencers. Pinpoint niche groups by leveraging our geo-targeting and micro-survey capabilities or dive in deep with our curated networks of creators. Notably, the networks span a diverse variety of influencers including ‘vegan foodies’, ‘outdoor enthusiasts’ , ‘bohemian stylistas’ (and more!). Need a hand? Leverage ACTIVATE Studio, our in-house team of influencer strategists to build out and execute custom influencer initiatives.

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